QDP Packages

2021 Coaching and Publishing Packages

Queashar Detroit Publishing, LLC® is dedicated to empowering aspiring authors to share their expertise by publishing professional-quality nonfiction books which meet industry standards.

Queashar Halliburton, CEO & President, meets with each prospective client one-on-one to assess their publishing needs. The initial consultation includes:

  1. Discussion of Skyrocket Your Success Author Accelerator
  2. Identification of the target audience and genre
  3. Review of required manuscript and elements (foreword, dedication, acknowledgments, etc.)
  4. Book title selection
  5. Book cover design options and literary goals

After the initial consultation, prospective clients will receive details on their specific recommended publishing options along with the appropriate contracts. The Skyrocket Your Success Author Accelerator Program is separate from the publishing process. The coaching program is a prerequisite to the publishing process.

After the accelerator, the entire book publishing process should take approximately 12 weeks or more from the manuscript submission, signed contract, payment, and all requested materials. Authors approve everything before it goes to print and retains all rights to their work. Kindly refer to the publishing agreement for additional details.



Skyrocket Your Success Author Accelerator-$1200

The Skyrocket Your Success Author Accelerator is an intensive 8-week live experience via Zoom that prepares aspiring authors for the publishing process. The program will provide novice authors with tools and resources to publish in excellence. This experience is only for nonfiction authors. This foundational program includes an essential manuscript evaluation with a brief analysis.

The Skyrocket Your Success Author Accelerator is not a publishing service, but it delivers educational resources for new authors to learn about the publishing process. Publishing services are available separately.

*See additional information- QDP Customized Publishing Packages.

The Skyrocket Your Success Author Accelerator is $1200 and payable in 2 installments. The first installment is due before the first session. After the fourth session, the second installment payment is scheduled.

Eight recorded 45-minute sessions will be sent to each attendee after class. Attendees will receive class materials, schedule, and Zoom credentials 24 hours before each virtual session.

In this coaching program, you will learn the following:

Week 1. Author Mindset Matters, 4 Paths to Publishing & Budget

Week 2. Selecting Your Book Topic & Connecting to Your Ideal Reader

Week 3. Market Research & Building Foundational Aspects for Your Book- (Title & Subtitle, Brain Dump, Outline & Timeline)

Week 4. Writing Your Bio, Synopsis, Book Layout, Book Cover Checklist & Pre-order Campaign (ISBN, Library of Congress Registration)

Week 5.  The Self-Editing & Editing Process

Week 6. The Publishing Process & Printers (Possible Formats, Amazon & Ingram Spark-Expanded Distribution, Smash words, and Book Baby)

Week 7. Marketing, Promotion & Monetizing Your Message

Week 8. Final Review with Q & A with final instructions for publishing

*Payments for the Accelerator will be invoiced through Stripe


*Pricing and packages may vary depending on the details of your publishing project. Please contact Shar Halliburton directly at hello@sharhalliburton.com for your customized quote.

Publishing Packages


  1. Manuscript Formatting
  2. Paperback Publishing and Distribution on Kindle Direct Publishing
  3. eBook Publishing and Distribution on Amazon Kindle
  4. Book Cover Design with a High-Quality 3D Graphic (includes Back Cover Matter)
  5. Content editing and Proofreading
  6. ISBN Assignment & Bar Code
  7. the United States Copyright Registration
  8. 50 copies of your paperback book
  9. 50 Bookmarks
  10. Book Launch Assistance with two graphics


*There is a surcharge for manuscripts with color interior.


  1. Manuscript Formatting
  2. Paperback Publishing and Distribution
  3. eBook Publishing and Distribution on Amazon Kindle
  4. eBook & Paperback Expanded Online Distribution (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, etc.)
  5. Book Cover Design (includes Back Cover Matter)
  6. High-Quality 3D Book Graphics for social media
  7. Content Editing & Proofreading
  8. ISBN Assignment & Bar Code
  9. The United States Copyright Registration & Library of Congress Registration
  10. 100 copies of your paperback book
  11. Social Media Strategy Plan
  12. 30-Minute Consultation with An Intellectual Property Attorney
  13. 100 Bookmarks
  14. 100 Business Cards
  15. Speaker One-Sheet with Talking Points for interviews
  16. Book Launch Assistance with 2 graphics


*There is a surcharge for manuscripts with color interior.




Approximately 12 weeks or more, reliant upon selected package

Here is the timeline flow below:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Receipt of deposit
  3. Receipt of manuscript/documents
  4. Manuscript formatting (2-4 weeks)
  5. Sample chapter for author’s review
  6. Book cover design and Back Copy Matter(2-4 weeks)
  7. Manuscript Review by the author for final edits/revisions (one week)
  8. Paperback Proof reviewed for final approval (one week)
  9. Select Publication Date for eBook and/or paperback
  10. Delivery of books to the author with final payment (2 weeks or more)